Candidates and Campaigns

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Election Ca​lendar

Every aspect of running for office or running a campaign has code-defined time frames. The Election Calendar is a guide that is created especially for every election. It includes all the deadlines that candidates, campaigns, reporters and the voting public need to know.​

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How to Get Voter File Information​
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Fair Political Practices Commission - FPPC​
​FPPC Seminars and Workshops​
​​​​Important Things to Read About Campaign Fundraising​

Contribution Limits

Per Assembly Bill 571 (AB 571) which took effect on January 1, 2021, state campaign contribution limits apply by default to city and county candidates, if their local jurisdiction has not already enacted their own contribution limits. Along with this change, there are also other related provisions that formerly applied only to state level candidates that will now apply to city and county candidates. A Fact Sheet that addresses these related provisions is available on the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website at State Contribution Limits and Voluntary Expenditure Ceilings (

County Of​fices

Sacramento County has adopted campaign contribution limits for the office of Board of Supervisor. Refer to Sacramento County Code Section 2.115.​​​300 Sacramento Coun​ty Code

All other County offices will default to the state campaign contribution limit for 2023-2024 at $5,500 per election, and is updated biennially for inflation. This includes:

  • Assessor
  • District Attorney
  • Sheriff

​​City Offices

​For more information about contribution limits, contact your City Clerk

​​10 Things You Need to Know to Declare Your Campaign

  1. Make sure you are qualified for the office that you seek. Contact the relevant governing agency to find out the candidate and officeholder requirements. Are there residency requirements? Are you currently registered to vote in the jurisdiction? Ask the County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department to confirm this and, if not, get registered!​

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Instructions for Filing Arguments and Rebuttals

Instructions for filing arguments for or against local ballot measures

Arguments for or against local ballot measures may be submitted in writing for printing and distribution to the voters, pursuant to provisions of the California Elections Code. Rebuttals by authors of said arguments may be filed in like manner. The Sample Ballot & Official County Voter Information Guide will contain, if submitted, the following for each measure: argument in favor; argument against; rebuttal to argument in favor; and rebuttal to argument against.​

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​​Campaign Finance Information

The Political Reform Act requires candidates to file campaign statements disclosing contributions received and expenditures made. The statutory requirements of the Political Reform Act are contained in §​ 81000-91015 of the California Government Code and are enforced by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Therefore, questions and requests for clarification should be directed to the FPPC.

For more information, contact the Fair Political Practices Commission at:​

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​Information on State Candidates and Propositions

Secretary of State

Review the official state ballot - candidate statements, propositions, arguments for and against, and rebuttals to those arguments.​

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​City Clerks within the County of Sacramento

Each city may have its own ordinances regarding posting political signs and conducting campaign activities. The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department strongly recommends that you consult with the City Clerk to determine rules and regulations that you must follow.

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Election Observer Guidelines

The purpose of an Election Observer is to provide an avenue for public observation and input into the election process. Public participation ensures integrity and voter confidence in the electoral process. 

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​Guides and Procedures

These links provide details for placing measures on ballots, running for office, filing arguments and rebuttals and placing recalls. Information on your elected representatives, upcoming elections and campaign disclosure is also provided.​

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