Gathering Public Input

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Voter Education and Outreach Advisory Committee

The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections department established a Voter Education and Outreach Advisory Committee (VEOAC) in 2019 to work with community members to:

  • improve messaging
  • address concerns from the community
  • seek input or assist with conducting elections
  • provide insight for community outreach and event participating
  • discuss legislation

If you would like to attend a public meeting, please view the schedule for available meeting dates.  All members of the public are welcome to participate.​

2021 VEOAC Meeting Schedule​ (Word)
2021 VEOAC Meeting Schedule (PDF)​​​​

​​Public Notices

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​Voter Education and Outreach Toolkit

​The County of Sacramento creates election materials for distribution to registered voters.  The materials available on this website are intended community members and partners to print and distribute within their organizations, meetings, and community events throughout the County.

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