Guides and Procedures

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These guides provide details for placing measures on ballots, running for office, filing arguments and rebuttals and placing recalls. Information on your elected representatives, upcoming​ elections and campaign disclosure is also provided.​ 

hese guides are for informational purposes and are intended for print.​


How to Recall an Elected Official.  Information to recall County, School Districts, Special Districts, and Local Judicial Offices can be found in the Guide to Recall.

How to Place a Measure on the Ballot.  Districts, Cities, and Sacramento County offices that are contemplating placing a measure on the ballot should follow the procedures in the Guide to Measures.

Procedures for Initiatives and Referenda. In order to assist voters in the initiative and referendum process, we have prepared a guide listing the procedures for county, municipal and district initiatives and referenda.

How to Fill a Vacancy. The guide to How to Fill Vacancy​.