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Work the Election

The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department is seeking individuals to assist in working at a Vote Center and picking up Vote by Mail ballots throughout the County.  ​​
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​Suggest a Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box Location

The County of Sacramento is currently looking for facilities to serve as a Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box location for future elections.  If you know a site that might make a great Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box location​​, you can let us know. 

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Gathering Public Input

Public meetings are being conducted to gather input.

California law requires extensive public outreach during the transition to Vote Centers.  The County of Sacramento is working diligently with the community to gather input on Vote Center placement.  All meetings are designed to help shape the future of voting in the County of Sacramento.

Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)

The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department established a Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC) in 2017 to assist and advise county elections officials on existing programs to reach voters with limited-English proficiency.
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Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC)

​The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department has established a citizen advisory committee to make recommendations for improving access to voting and election materials. This Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee, or VAAC, is designed to advise and assist in ensuring all voters in Sacramento County can vote independently and privately. ​
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​Voter Education and Outreach​

We encourage everyone to exercise their freedom and offer a number of voter outreach programs to increase voter participation among Sacramento County residents.

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​High School Mock Elections & Results

High School Mock Elections is a voter education program where high school students can learn the election process, pre-register or register to vote, and can participate in mock voting.​​

Results are posted after every Mock Election.

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​Upcoming Events

View our calendar of upcoming events, which include our efforts to educate voters, outreach to community members, host community workshops, provide information, and obtain community feedback on our election administration​.

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