Accessible Vote by Mail

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Voters with disabilities can request and receive access to the Accessible Vote by Mail system.  The County of Sacramento has selected Democracy Live to provide this service.  The Accessible Vote by Mail system allows voters with disabilities to download and mark their correct ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology, print their marked ballot, and mail it to the Elections Office to be counted.


Access the service anytime, day or night during an election period.


  • ​Go online and enter your information in the Voter Look-up tool to obtain your correct ballot; or
  • Email us at or call (916) 875-6155 to have a link emailed to you.

Voters with disabilities can:

  • Vote on any computer with internet access and a printer.
  • Vote their ballot on any of three (3) accessible ballot marking devices at a Vote Center.
  • Email​ or call (916) 875-6155 for help with the Accessible Vote by Mail system.

Assistance for Voters with Disabilities

The County of Sacramento ​Voter Registration and Elections Department has a long standing commitment to work with voters with disabilities to help them exercise their right to vote.  This page provides general information about these efforts, and voters are encouraged to contact us with specific requests for assistance using the contact information below.

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