Election Security

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​Sacramento County takes election security very seriously.  We strive to adjust our processes to utilize the latest technology while continuing to ensure that we administer elections in accordance with state and federal law.  If you have concerns about election security, or if you would like to learn more about any of the activities mentioned below, please call (916) 875-6451 or email voterinfo@saccounty.net​.  The public is welcome to observe any part of the election process. 


Voter File Security 

  • ​Access to voter data, both in-office and at Vote Centers, is limited to authorized individuals over encrypted connections.  Voter data remains on secured servers and is not stored locally on PCs or other devices. 

  • Authorized users accessing voter data are required to sign confidentiality agreements and security policies.  All agreements and policies are strictly enforced. 

  • Authorized users must use strong passwords that meet complexity requirements enforced by the County.  Passwords are changed frequently to strengthen user credential security. 

  • All local and remote access of voter data occurs over encrypted connections.

  • Voter data is regularly backed up. At all times, servers storing voter data are monitored for intrusion detection and malicious behavior patterns.​  

  • Servers storing voter data use current operating systems and regular security patching is performed to mitigate vulnerabilities as they are discovered. 

Ballot Security

  • Two people are required to be with ballots, both voted and unvoted, at all times.

  • All voted ballots are returned from the Vote Centers each night. No ballots or personal information is ever left at the Vote Centers overnight.

  • All voted ballots are stored in secured, locked cages under 24 hour surveillance.

  • Signature verification between a voter’s returned Vote by Mail ballot envelope and the voter’s registration form is conducted to verify a match for every returned ballot.

  • ​If a voter forgets to sign their return envelope, or their signature does not match, the voter is contacted to correct the issue prior to the certification of the election. ​​


Election Equipment Security 

  • State-mandated Logic & Accuracy Testing is done before and after each election to ensure the accuracy of the voting machines at the Vote Center and our office. 

  • Sacramento County election personnel are certified to work on the voting equipment and all programming of equipment is completed here in Sacramento County.

  • Ballot Printers and Ballot Paper must be secured with a tamper evident seal each night.

  • All voting equipment, by law, have closed connections. The Central Count tabulation machines at our office are not hooked up to anything that can be hacked in to, like the internet.

  • 1% Manual Tally: Under California Election Code, one percent of all precincts in every California County, including Vote by Mail ballots, must be manually tallied to ensure the accuracy of the voting equipment. The public is free to watch this process after Election Day.

  • Canvass: After each election, dozens of staff members go through all of the voted ballots from every Vote Center to reconcile the number of voted ballots and unused ballots (blank ballot stock). 

Learn more about Sacramento County's plan to safeguard the integrity of elections by reading our Election Security and Action Plan​.  
Learn more about how California protects elections by visiting the Secretary of State's website​