March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election

Candidate Filing: Closed

​Candidate Filing Appointments​

The Candidate Filing period is now closed.

Randomized Alphabet Drawings

​Secretary of State Randomized Alphabet Drawing - All countywide contests will follow the results of the randomized drawing conducted by the Secretary of State.​

Sacramento County Randomized Alphabet Drawing - The County randomized drawing will be applied to State Assembly and State Senate districts that are shared with at least one other county.​​

Candidate Filing: Offices in Extension, Closed

​Candidate Report​

​Candidate Report

List of Qualified Write-In Candidates - English

List of Qualified Write-In Candidates - Spanish

List of Qualified Write-In Candidates - Chinese

List of Qualified Write-In Candidates - Vietnamese

​​​Important Dates

Signatures In Lieu of Filing Fee Petitions (for any offices that requires a filing fee)
Candidates m​ay submit petition forms with signatures of registered voters to reduce filing fees and secure their nomination signatures during this period. Petition forms must be received by this deadline.
This is Optional. Refer to #4 for your next step.
September 14, 2023 – November 8, 2023 

​Members of Central Committees/ Green Party County Council Members Nomination Period
Candidates for County Central Committee and County Council must file their nomination documents during this period. 
This is Mandatory.
September 29, 2023 – December 8, 2023

Declaration of Intent Period (Judicial Candidates)
Candidates for judicial offices must file a Declaration of Intention to become a candidate. The filing fee must be paid at this time. Signatures In-Lieu of filing fee will not be accepted after the Declaration of Intention is filed.
This is Mandatory. Refer to #4 for your next step.
October 30, 2023 – November 8, 2023

Candidate Nomination Period (Federal, State, County, and Schools)
Nomination signatures required (unless you met your nomination signature requirements during the Signature In-Lieu of Filing Fee Petition period in Step #1). Nomination documents, including a Declaration of Candidacy, for eligible candidates desiring to file for elective office must be obtained during this period.
This is Mandatory.
November 13, 2023 – December 8, 2023


Write- In Period (Write-In Candidates) 
A name written on a ballot will not be counted unless the person has filed during this period a statement of write-in candidacy and nomination signatures, if applicable, stating they are a write-in candidate for the election.
This is Mandatory​.
January 8, 2024 – February 20, 2024​


To learn more about what activities occur during specified periods, consult the calendar for deadlines set by California Election Code.

Abbreviated Calendar
Measure Calendar
Secretary of State Election Information​

Candidate Guide

Candidate Guide

The Candidate Guide is intended to provide general information for candidates and does not have the force or effect of law, regulation, or rule. It is distributed with the understanding that the Voter Registration and Elections office of the County of Sacramento is not rendering legal advice. Therefore, the guide is not a substitute for legal counsel for the individual, organization or candidate using it.​

Candidate Filing Overview

​The presentation below provides a general overview of the candidate filing process.

Candidate Filing Overview - PowerPoint Presentation
Positions Up For Election

Positions up for Election​​

​​​​District Verification

​Use your residential address to check the district you live in.  Most offices require you to live in the district you are running for.

Candidate Forms

Ballot Designation Worksheet - Fill it out online, print, and bring it in signed.

Candidate Statement Form - If you are submitting a statement to be included in the County Voter Information Guide fill it out online, print, sign, and date.  The first page of this form must be filled out and returned even if you do not plan on submitting a candidate statement.

Code of Fair - Optional.  Print and bring it in signed.

Letter of Authorization - To authorize anyone other than the candidate to pick up or drop off nomination paperwork.

Statement of Responsibility for Caltrans - Outdoor political signs.  Fill it out online, print, and mail it to the address on the form.

Fair Political Practices Commission - Comprehensive list of FPPC forms​.  ​​