Sacramento County High School Art Competition

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Sacramento County Voter Registration conducted an Art Competition with 5 local high schools in the 5 Supervisorial Districts to create new “I Voted” stickers for Sacramento Voters.

The artwork was judged on February 22, 2012 by Former Mayor, Anne Rudin, Kim Alexander, President and Founder of California Voter Foundation and Debbie O’Donoghue, Deputy Secretary of State, Voter Education and Outreach. The artwork was judged on Creativity, Originality, Composition, Presentation and Skill level.

Displaying entries from art competition
Reviewing entries from art competition 

An Awards ceremony will be conducted by Supervisor Don Nottoli in the Board of Supervisor’s Chambers May 8, 2012 for the 1st place winner and our 2nd and 3rd runners up.

Winners of art competition 

1st Place Winner

  • Alicia Chan 1st place design in art competiton

Runner Ups

  • Darian RosengardRunner up design in art competiton
  • Kevin Thao Runner up design in art competiton

We are excited with the number of students who participated from the following schools.

C.K. McClatchy High School

  • Alicia Chan—12th grade

Galt High School

  • Deisi Arias—12th grade
  • Sammie Bulmer—11th grade
  • Peter Buluhan—12th grade
  • Bradley Cuevas—10th grade
  • Chris Flores—10th grade
  • Hector Gonzalez—12th grade
  • Krystin Heseman—9th grade
  • Giovanni Jiminez—12th grade
  • Miriam Loyoza—11th grade
  • Miguel Mendez—12th grade
  • Alex Ortiz—11th grade
  • Melissa Perez—12th grade
  • Daniel Ramirez—12th grade
  • Aaron Sanchez—11th grade
  • Marco Sandoval—9th grade
  • Ford Sheldon—12th grade
  • Juana Valencia—12th grade
  • Rosa Vega—11th grade

Grant High School

  • Elizabeth Aguilar—9th grade
  • Erica Amaya—10th grade
  • DeAndre Anderson-Patterson—9th grade
  • Daniela Arango—9th grade
  • Abigail Barajas—9th grade
  • Janlynn Cassman—9th grade
  • Angie Cha—11th grade
  • Elizabeth Cha—12th grade
  • Xavier Cox—9th grade
  • Dalicia Crain—9th grade
  • Jovany De Dios—10th grade
  • David Garcia—9th grade
  • Christie Gonzales—11th grade
  • Anabell Guerrero—11th grade
  • Eric Gutierrez—11th grade
  • Pamela Keothong—9th grade
  • Senthisonk Kethkeo—9th grade
  • De Andre King—12th grade
  • Marry Lee—12th grade
  • Maria Leon—9th grade
  • Stephanie Leon—9th grade
  • Kongmeng Lo—11th grade
  • Ia Lo—12th grade
  • Na Lor—9th grade
  • Joseph Mailang—11th grade
  • Heriberto Manriquez—9th grade
  • John Martinez—11th grade
  • Xiong Moua—12th grade
  • Anesia Rodriguez—9th grade
  • Roberto Rodriguez—10th grade
  • Sharon Sanchez—9th grade
  • Soudsaplon Sarvilai—9th grade
  • Nykchasia Scott— 12th grade
  • Kyle Scrivner—11th grade
  • Kevin Thao—9th grade
  • Lilian Kajsiab Thao—9th grade
  • Jalyiah Thomas—9th grade
  • Linda Vang—12th grade
  • Criss Vegar—9th grade
  • Charlie Vue—12th grade
  • Gaonu Vue—12th grade
  • Noah Vue—9th grade
  • Jernequa West—12th grade
  • Endiz Xiong—12th grade
  • Juhi Yang—12th grade
  • Maisee Yang—9th grade
  • Devinci Young—11th grade
  • Cinthia Zarate—12th grade

Rio Americano High School

  • Darian Rosengard—10th grade

San Juan High School

  • Hawraa Alasadi—10th grade
  • Rebecca Bellencrist –10th grade
  • Jocelin Millan—10th grade
  • Alexis Pinola—10th grade
  • Jaylon Roy—11th grade
  • Annalissa Thompson—10th grade
  • Eyan Wise—10th grade​