How to Vote for U.S. President

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In a Presidential Primary Election, if you are regis​​​tered to vote with a political party, you will receive a ballot that contains Presidential candidates for your party only. ​

If you are not registered with a political party, also known as a "No Party Preference" voter, you will receive a nonpartisan ballot, which will not include Presidential candidates. ​Some political parties will allow you to crossover and vote for their candidates. ​​

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​The deadline to register to vote or update your voter registration online is February 20, 2024. After that, you can visit any Vote Center location​ beginning February 24, 2024 to register conditionally. ​​

​What is Crossover Voting?​

If you are registered with a political party:

If you are registered as “No Party Preference”, these political parties allow you to cast a crossover vote for the Presidential Primary Election:​​

These political parties do not allow a “No Party Preference” voter to cast a crossover vote in the Presidential Primary Election.

​You can vote for the Presidential candidates for your party only.

  • ​American Independent Party*

  • Democratic Party

  • Libertarian Party

If you want to vote for Presidential candidates for one of the three political parties listed above, you can request a crossover ballot by:


​​​calling (916) 875-6155

  • Green Party

  • Peace and Freedom Party

  • Republican Party

If you want to vote for Presidential candidates for one of the three political parties listed above, you must re-register with that political party.

The registration deadline is February 20, 2024. After that date, you can still re-register conditionally at any Vote Center location.

For more information about voting in the upc​​oming Presidential Primary Election, please view our office's media release​, ​and visit the Secretary of State's website: How to Vote for U.S. President​.​ 
*American Independent Party is a political par​​​ty and is not the same as No Party Preference.

​ ​Common Questions:

1) Who can crossover? 

Only "No Party Preference" voters can crossover in this election.

2) What Parties are allowing crossover voting?​

The American Independent Party, Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party allow crossover voting this election.

3) What if I want to vote for a Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, or Republican Party presidential candidate? 

You must be registered with the:

  • Green Party to vote for a Green Party Presidential candidates
  • Peace and Freedom Party to vote for a Peace and Freedom Party Presidential candidates
  • Republican Party to vote for the Republican Party Presidential candidates

4) What if I'm registered with a political party, but I want to vote for another political party's Presidential candidate? 

You can only vote for a Presidential candidate in your own political party.  You need to re-register with that other political party.  

5) When is the deadline to change my political party for this election?​

February 20, 2024 is the deadline to register to vote or change your party preference for the March 5, 2024 election. ​If you miss the deadline to register to vote, you can register conditionally​ at any Vote Center in the County of Sacramento.