How to Vote

Inquire about the availability of documents in accessible​ formats.​​​



Are You Registered To Vote?

​​​​If you need to register, get started here​. If you’ve changed your name, address or ​​political party, you’ll need to re​​-register online. You can also check your registration status online!​​​

Watch For Your Ballot.

Registered voters in the County of Sacramento will be mailed a ballot. Keep an eye out for your pink envelope!  BallotTrax​, a free ballot tracking and alert system, is available to voters who wish to track the status of their Vote by Mail ballots - from printed to accepted.  Voters can also review the County Voter Information Guide.

​How To Mark Your Ballot.

Fill in the oval to the left of your selection completely ​​(see picture below).


​To vote for a qualified write-in candidate, write in the person’s name on the blank line provided and fill in the oval to the left of the write-in line. A list of Qualified Write-in Candidates will be available 10 days before Election Day on our website:​

Avoid over-voting.

To ensure your vote counts, do not vote for more candidates than allowed for each contest (see picture below).


Choose How You Want to Vote.

​By Mail. 

Place the voted ballot inside the envelope provided, sign the envelope and return.​​​​​

At a Vote Center. 

With the passage of the California Voter's Choice Act, traditional polling places will be replaced with Vote Centers that are open for up to 11 days, including Election Day. Any resident of Sacramento County can vote in-person at any Vote Center in the County. This means voters can choose when, where and how they want to vote. Vote early and avoid Election Day lines!

complete list of locations can be fou​nd online here​ and will be provided in the Sacramento County Voter Information Guide that will be mailed out prior to the election.

What to Expect at a Vote Center

Using a Ballot Drop Box. 

Voted ballots may be placed in any secure Ballot Drop Box location throughout Sacramento County.  A complete list of locations can be found online​ here​ and will be provided in the Sacramento County Voter Information Guide that will be mailed out prior to the election.

Accessible Vote by Mail System.  

Voters with disabilities can download and mark their ballot from the convenience of their home and then return it by mail. ​​