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News Release

​​February 24, 2022​

Contact: Voter Registration and Elections

Sacramento County Prepares for Logic & Accuracy Testing

Voter Registration and Elections (VRE) will begin logic and accuracy testing of the voting equipment for the Assembly District 11 Special Primary Election in the next 2 weeks. If you are interested in observing this process please contact our office at the number above to schedule an appointment.

​Equipment tested:

​​Accessible Ballot Touchscreen, used for in-person voting
Mobile Ballot Printer, used for printing on-demand ballots
Adjudication Machine, used to help determine voter intent
•  ​
Tabulator, used at our main office to tabulate all voted ballots for the election

For more information visit our website at, contact VRE at (916) 875-6451, email voterinfo@saccounty.govor dial 711 for voter assistance. 711 ​has the ability to connect voters with disabilities with TTY (Text Telephone).

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